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Electric Water Boiler Installation in St John's

Our residential clients appreciate how energy efficient our electric water boilers are. We have a variety of heaters with different features, but our technicians will be able to help you choose the hot water tanks in St. John's that best suit your home.

We offer two brands of high quality boilers to fit your individual needs. Giant brand boilers are glass lined and offer a six year warranty. Everlast Boilers are stainless steel and offer a 25 year warranty.

We carry a small inventory of boilers in our vans, and we are able to be dispatched to your home when you need us. We will come to your home, drain down your boiler, remove the old tank and install a new tank, usually within one hour! We will schedule around your busy schedule.

Not all boilers are the same and how they are handled makes a difference to their life span. We purchase only from large distributors, and we use hand trucks to transport boilers within your home. These are measures we take to minimize potential for damage to the glass lining of your boiler before installation.

As licensed professionals, we ensure all safety valves and pipe connections of electric water boilers provided across St John’s are correct for insurance regulations.

hot water tanks st. john's

Giant® Point of Use Model

106SEO - 112SEO - 119SEO

These high performance compact size water heaters are ideal for installation in cottages, offices, stores and individual washrooms. They are available in 5, 10 and 16 imperial gallon capacities and can be connected to 120V or 240V, and feature:

  • High Density Fibreglass Eco-Friendly Insulation

  • Inner Tank Lined with Blue Cobalt Glass Enriched with Zircon

  • Automatic Temperature Control

  • Screw-In Immersion Element Made by Giant

  • Factory Installed Di-Electric Nipples

  • Factory Installed Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

  • High Quality Magnesium Anode


Giant® Standard Model

142ETE - 152ETE - 172ETE

These high performance top entry water heaters are designed to meet all of your residential water heating requirements. They are available in 30, 40 and 60 imperial gallon capacities, can be connected to 120V, 208V or 240V, and have many outstanding technical features.


Rheem Marathon Fiber glass boilers

  • Lowers energy costs and when used in conjunction with an HTP high efficiency boiler, operating costs decrease even further.

  • Ultra high performance; can generate over 50% more hot water than many water heaters of similar size (offered in seven sizes from 20 to 119 gallons).

  • Minimal heat loss thanks to thick, water blown foam insulation.

  • Boasts virtually maintenance free operation.

  • Robust 316L stainless steel tank eliminates the need for anode rods.

  • Limited lifetime residential warranty: the industry’s strongest protection plan.

  • Number one selling water heater in the country.

Contact us to learn more about electric water boilers available in St John's

Eco-Friendly Foam Insulation Courtesy of Avalon Plumbing & Heating

The Ozone Layer Is Important for All of Us
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