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Pipe Removal and Replacement in St John’s

Kitec pipes

Many homeowners throughout Canada are dealing with the big issue of faulty Kitec brand pipes – these homes will have to replace their pipes within the next 36 months. At Avalon Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we offer a complete replacement service for homes throughout the St. John’s area. We will tear out the gyproc, remove and replace the faulty pipes, replace the gyproc as well as handle the plaster and paint. Best of all, you will receive a 25 Year Warranty on your new piping system.

How Do I Know If There Is Kitec Plumbing in My House?

There are few simple methods to recognize whether yours house contains Kitec plumbing or not. Many pipes will feature the company name as Kitec, Kitec XPA or something similar. You can also look for bright color water pipes. While blue was used for cold water pipes, bright orange was used for hot water pipes.

If your house has a Kitec pipe and you wish to replace it, do it with the help of Avalon Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We provide quick and efficient pipe removal services in St. John’s.

Reliable and Quick Services

Anything related to plumbing is of pivotal importance in a house. Whether your pipe is broken and has caused a leak or you need to replace the existing pipeline with a new one, it has to be carried out in a quick manner as you would need access to water for daily activities. Avalon Plumbing & Heating assures you quick and reliable services.

We also provide heating solutions in St. John’s.

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