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Infloor Heating System in St Johns

Infloor Heating Systems

At Avalon Plumbing, we do much more than just plumbing systems. Our certified infloor heating technicians will design an infloor heating system in St Johns to meet your individual needs. We offer in concrete heating and in joist heating as well as snow melt for exterior ice control solutions.

In Concrete Heating

In concrete heating is for home or office basement concrete slabs, garages and sunrooms.

In Joist Heating

In joist heating is used for all other areas in your home or business such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms or your office suite. This works especially well in great room areas with vaulted ceilings which are difficult to heat. There is no need for ceiling fans with this type of heating. This method is best suited for ceramic and/or hardwood floors. Due to our certification, there is no requirement for engineered hardwood. Most of our systems are computer controlled and are operated by the outdoor temperature in correlation with the indoor temperature to provide the optimum heating conditions at the lowest cost.

Snow Melt Systems

These systems offer snow removal and enhance safety conditions for concrete steps, walkways and driveways.

All of our infloor heating installations are individually regulated for room and living areas and are thermostatically controlled to provide ultimate comfort with maximum cost efficiency.

There’s never a bad time to install an infloor heating system in St Johns. Contact us today to get started!

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